Creative Regional California Cuisine

Lunch Menu




Housemade SOUP.  7.00


Castroville ARTICHOKE marinated and fire-roasted with sun-dried tomato aioli.  9.95


EMPANADAS with smoked tri tip, Hatch green chile and avocado crema.  9.00


Baker’s Double Smoked Bacon with pear tomato, corn, jalapeno and wild arugula salad.  9.50


Russet POTATO SKINS with jack and cheddar cheeses, chipotle sour cream and three salsas.  8.25


Dungeness CRAB CAKES with roasted red pepper-cumin vinaigrette & spicy cucumber salad.  12.25


Crispy CALAMARI with orange-sesame dipping sauce.  8.95


BUFFALO CARPACCIO with crispy capers, shallots, chile morita aioli & asiago cheese.  11.25


Grilled FLATBREAD with roasted garlic puree, Point Reyes bleu, chipotle-onion marmalade, arugula. 9.00


QUESADILLA - different every day  (add avocado salsa 3.95).  8.75





ICEBERG WEDGE with garlic bread crumbs, roma tomatoes and blue cheese dressing.  9.00


MIXED  GREENS with pecorino cheese, seasoned walnuts and curry vinaigrette. 8.50


RG Chop Chop with black beans, corn, crispy black eye peas, tomatoes, tortillas, Cotija Cheese


 and smoked avocado-buttermilk dressing .  11.95


BUTTER LEAF with beets, tomatoes, blue cheese and roasted jalapeño-raspberry vinaigrette.  10.00


Grilled SKIRT STEAK on Mixed greens, with balsamic pear tomatoes, blue cheese and crispy shallot rings.  16.50


HEARTS OF ROMAINE with Caesar dressing, asiago cheese and housemade croutons.  8.95


Wild ARUGULA with hearts of palm, pickled onion, grapefruit and agave-pumpkin seed vinaigrette..  9.25







Smoked TRI-TIP with spinach, sliced tomato, crispy shallot rings and rosemary-chile aioli.  14.95


SALMON B.L.T. with sliced avocado on herbed Focaccia and fingerling potato chips.  14.50


BISON SLOPPY JOSE on Texas toast with gouda, pickled jalapeno with  a blue cheese dressed wedge.  15.00


Grilled PRAWNS Wrap with brie cheese, baby spinach, Hatch green chile and sun dried tomato aioli.  13.95


SMOKED BEEF TENDERLOIN with wild mushrooms, fontina, arugula and Cris’s chile-lime fries. 17.50


Wood Grilled “Certified Angus” HAMBURGER with french fries.  11.25 (add cheese .50)     


   (add the ”WORKS” {cheese, avocado, bacon, mushrooms and grilled onions} 4.50)


Smoked TURKEY BREAST with apple-smoked bacon, guacamole and tomato chutney. 12.25





House-Smoked Half CHICKEN with mild smoked chile butter, baby artichokes & red potatoes.  22.50


TACOS, different every day, with salad and cumin-chipotle black beans.  14.50


Half-Rack Barbecued BABY-BACK RIBS with coleslaw and cayenne potato yam cake.  21.50


Pumpkin Seed Crusted Loch Duart SALMON with chipotle-lime vinaigrette.  20.00


Mustard-Soy Marinated SKIRT STEAK with yam gratin.  22.00


Grilled PRAWNS on Penne Pasta with a leek, pea and bacon creole cream.  18.00


ANGEL HAIR pasta with blistered pear tomatoes, corn, grilled squash, fresh mozzarella and Pesto.  15.25


POBLANO PEPPER stuffed with quinoa, corn, beets, Cotija cheese and pea shoots. 18.00




Executive Chef: Cy Yontz / Sous Chef: Eduardo Coronel