Sand City West End Celebration: Celebrating the Beauty of Art

What do you have planned for summer this year? Nothing yet? Why not attend the 19th annual West End Celebration with thousands of other Americans?

On this day, every other activity takes a pause only to resume after the celebration is over, that’s after two days. The streets are transformed into the exhibition area and a great assortment of art is showcased.

Remember, art is not limited to just drawings and paintings on paper. It’s that and much more. There’s music, dances, spoken word and much more. There’s even a jewelry exhibition. Whichever form of art you have ever imagined will be available in the West End celebration.

And to make it even more inclusive, it’s not just the big-name artists that are welcomed to show their skills and expertise. Anyone can bring any form of art. So yes, as amateur as you may think you are, bring your art and let everyone get a chance to decide whether you are an amateur or just an unidentified pro.

Besides the art, you will also get to try out popular Californian cuisines, the likes of artichoke, and much more. For wine and beer lovers, don’t miss out because you will get a chance to have a taste of some of the most authentic picks.

And as the icing of it all, there will be sales of the art. So, you don’t have to be a painter or artist to attend. You can also take this as an opportunity to get some nice paintings for your living room or get yourself a piece of handmade jewelry.

Sounds like fun to you? Then mark 28th and 29th August on your calendar. The event will happen around Contra Costa Street and Ortiz Avenue in Sand City.

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