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Butterfly Bazaar & Parade: Magical Sight of Butterflies Floating In The Wind

Ever heard of the Butterfly Bazaar & Parade? It is one of the most fun events usually held in Monterey, Pacific Grove, California. 

This event is a must-see for everybody in and outside Monterey and who loves going to fun activities that show off beautiful butterflies. 

When you go to this parade, you get a front-row seat to see the beautiful monarchs which migrated back from up north after spending the winter months in Mexico.

There are countless fun activities to engage in at this event. You can go to the..

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Pure Insurance Championship: A Fun, Family-friendly Tournament Just For You

Do you love golf? Then you might just have found the event for you!

Pebble Beach Golf Links in Monterey, California, is set this year for the Pure Insurance Championship. The five-day event brings over $20 million to the local economy and creates roughly 5,000 jobs throughout Monterey County.

Economic benefits aside, this event is the perfect way to spend time with friends and family, as you enjoy the golf competitions and other activities such as parades, fishing contests, and delicious barb dinner.

You will..

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Monterey Jazz Festival: The Longest Running Jazz Festival

Once again coming back as exciting and fun as ever is the Monterey Jazz Festival from 24 September to 26 September this year. 

Started in 1958, this is the longest running jazz festival in the history of music. 

And, like every other year, it always has something new and exciting to offer to the fans, from all-time favorite blues, soft and hard rock among other varieties of music that will leave you longing for more. 

Being the home to many big-name jazz bands and artists, Monterey Jazz Festival is the perfect..

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MotoAmerica Superbike SpeedFest: The Perfect Event For Any Motorcycle Enthusiast.

Ready to watch the fastest racing in America? MotoAmerica is finally here, and you won’t want to miss it! This series will offer motorcycle enthusiasts an exciting new racing option that competes on a more level playing field and is more affordable than ever before. The races will take place at racetracks in Monterey, CA on the WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca.

Set to happen from 9th to 10th July this year, this motorcycle racing event features the best off-road racers from around the world competing on closed..

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Sand City West End Celebration: Celebrating the Beauty of Art

What do you have planned for summer this year? Nothing yet? Why not attend the 19th annual West End Celebration with thousands of other Americans?

On this day, every other activity takes a pause only to resume after the celebration is over, that’s after two days. The streets are transformed into the exhibition area and a great assortment of art is showcased.

Remember, art is not limited to just drawings and paintings on paper. It’s that and much more. There’s music, dances, spoken word and much more. There’s..

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Festa Italia: Celebrating The Beauty Of Italian Culture

Are you looking for some fun events to attend this September? How about you join thousands of Americans in the Festa Italia celebration from 10th to 12th September this year.

Festa Italia is a large celebration which celebrates the heritage and culture of Italy. The festival is usually commemorated with lots of fun activities from food and wine pairings for tastings and cooking demonstrations with chefs from Italy, to live music performances, costume competitions and much more.

If you have always wanted to try..

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California International Airshow: America’s Finest Airmen at Their Best

California International Airshow: America’s Finest Airmen at Their Best

The biggest and most anticipated aerospace event is set to happen on the 30th and 31st of October this year at Salinas Airport. Having been canceled last year, the event is coming back this year bigger, better, and more exhilarating.

The California International Airshow event is the best community-based airshow event and the highlight of the year for not only the residents of California but the whole of the USA and beyond. The event is a non-profit event held every year since 1981 and the proceeds directed to..

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CA’s Artichoke Festival: A Blend Food, Farming and Lots of Fun

CA’s Artichoke Festival: A Blend Food, Farming and Lots of Fun

Are you a fun-loving foodie? If yes, then CA’s Artichoke Festival is just the event for you. Graced by some of the most prominent farmers in the state, the event is usually a blend of fun activities, vegetable exhibitions, and lots of foods.

Started in 1959, the festival has always been the highlight of all the events in California. Every year, the 2-day festival is held in Castroville, a city in Monterey County. The attendees get to enjoy themselves as they show their love for their official state vegetable,..

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Carmel Bach Festival: A Music to The Soul Event

Music is the soul’s medicine, and Carmel Bach Festival truly represents that in Carmel Beach, Monterey, and Pebble beach. This event includes 15 days of electric performance from top musicians from all over the world. 

Started in 1935 by Dene and Hazel in honor of J.S Bach, the festival has grown to be a favorite to all music lovers, not just in California but across the globe. 

For 83 years of different melodies, Carmel Bach Festival gets music lovers from all over the world to join various music genres. You..

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Paws For A Cause: An Event of Philanthropic Vibe and Endless Fun

Paws For a Cause has always been a favorite event for all dog lovers. Scheduled to happen in Monterey Bay, California, the event always sees several people coming together to support ill and severely injured dogs.

However, this event is not only philanthropic, but it is also fun. As the canine friends continue to get support, the attendees also engage in fun activities. Some of these activities usually include casino nights, dancing, movies, and games like charades and cards. There are also concerts with local..

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