Carmel Bach Festival: A Music to The Soul Event

Music is the soul’s medicine, and Carmel Bach Festival truly represents that in Carmel Beach, Monterey, and Pebble beach. This event includes 15 days of electric performance from top musicians from all over the world. 

Started in 1935 by Dene and Hazel in honor of J.S Bach, the festival has grown to be a favorite to all music lovers, not just in California but across the globe. 

For 83 years of different melodies, Carmel Bach Festival gets music lovers from all over the world to join various music genres. You get to enjoy not one, not two, but numerous live performances and get the whole live concert experience.

Though the festival only started as a four-day event, it grew bigger every year, with more people wanting to be part of it and more ideas coming up. As a result, the festival now happens for two whole weeks. 

But it is not just the concerts that the festival is known for. You also get to attend recitals, master classes, lectures, open rehearsals, and much more. There are even educational talks for those who want to have a deeper understanding of music.

The festival is also usually graced by some of the world’s all-time best musicians who sing and educate and inspire. 

Make it a point to attend the Carmel Bach Festival, from October 23 – November 5, 2021, because who knows? It might be your lucky day, and you get to meet your favorite musician.

Want to Grab Something to Eat While There?

After feeding your soul and mind with music, of course, you have to feed your body. Whether you just want to grab a drink or dive into a full course meal, there’s always a place for you. One place you should try out is:

  • Rio Grill

Rio Grill is an award-winning restaurant, and deservedly so. It has a widely diverse menu full of fresh, locally sourced foods. Seafood, non-meat proteins, salads, you name it, you will find it in the restaurant. And don’t worry if you are a vegetarian because there’s always something for you.

Alternatively, if you just want a drink, then be sure to visit their bar or just order a glass of wine. The food aside, this restaurant has some elegant landscaping and breathtaking views, making it just the right place to end a melodious day. 

Visit Rio Grill and get the whole Californian experience. Also, check out their menu to see the full array of dishes.