CA’s Artichoke Festival: A Blend Food, Farming and Lots of Fun

CA’s Artichoke Festival: A Blend Food, Farming and Lots of Fun

Are you a fun-loving foodie? If yes, then CA’s Artichoke Festival is just the event for you. Graced by some of the most prominent farmers in the state, the event is usually a blend of fun activities, vegetable exhibitions, and lots of foods.

Started in 1959, the festival has always been the highlight of all the events in California. Every year, the 2-day festival is held in Castroville, a city in Monterey County. The attendees get to enjoy themselves as they show their love for their official state vegetable, artichoke. 

Have you ever tried out artichoke? If not, then you’re missing out big. But not to worry because the Artichoke festival has a lot of that. Almost all the dishes brought to the event have artichoke as an ingredient. What better way for a first time? Even better, you can buy some extra and keep them for later.  

Foodies aside, this event is also perfect for farmers or aspiring farmers. You will get a chance to explore all the different vegetables exhibited by farmers in the farmer’s market. An AGRO Art Competition is also another highlight of the festival, where farmers showcase their produce. 

If you thought that was enough, there’s more. The festival also has arts and crafts vending for art lovers, harvest contests, and wine and beer tasting.  And for the car lover’s this year’s festival will also have a hot rod car show

What else could you ask for? This event is a blend of everything, and you certainly won’t miss something to do. 

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