Monterey Jazz Festival: The Longest Running Jazz Festival

Once again coming back as exciting and fun as ever is the Monterey Jazz Festival from 24 September to 26 September this year. 

Started in 1958, this is the longest running jazz festival in the history of music. 

And, like every other year, it always has something new and exciting to offer to the fans, from all-time favorite blues, soft and hard rock among other varieties of music that will leave you longing for more. 

Being the home to many big-name jazz bands and artists, Monterey Jazz Festival is the perfect way to celebrate them and enjoy the beauty of music as well. It is also the perfect chance for you to meet some of the most eclectic artists and watch them in the act.

What does the event have to offer?

The event attendees are usually treated to an endless array of jazz music tracks from both iconic and new visionary artists. Not to forget the thrilling live performances that are always a major highlight of the festival.

For this year, artists on the lineup include Herbie Ancock, George Benson, Ledisi, Kandace Springs, Chrisian Sands Group among many others.

Seen your favorite on the list? Don’t miss the chance to watch them perform, and who knows? Maybe even have a selfie and a chat with them. 

So, which other better way to spend a few days of your summer? 

And, this is a must-attend event for most Jazz lovers not just from California but also from the whole of America and beyond.

What does that mean? The tickets will sell out real quick. And because of health precautions, the venue, Monterey County Fairgrounds, will be packed only 50% making the tickets even less. 

So grab your tickets as soon as possible to save yourself a space.  

Food and Drinks in the area

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