Paws For A Cause: An Event of Philanthropic Vibe and Endless Fun

Paws For a Cause has always been a favorite event for all dog lovers. Scheduled to happen in Monterey Bay, California, the event always sees several people coming together to support ill and severely injured dogs.

However, this event is not only philanthropic, but it is also fun. As the canine friends continue to get support, the attendees also engage in fun activities. Some of these activities usually include casino nights, dancing, movies, and games like charades and cards. There are also concerts with local celebrities performing live.

There are always live and silent auctions for those thrilled with competition, and the proceeds are directed to supporting the dogs. Paws For a Cause can also be a bonding and teamwork experience for family members and even colleagues.

A Bit of History…

The Paws For A Cause event was founded in 2016 by Max’s Helping Paws Foundation. This is a team of well-wishers who believe every dog should have a chance at having a loving home and carer as well as secure health care.

The best part is, you do not have to take a pet home to be helpful. You can also take part in the various forms of donations available. The donations include one-time donations, monthly donations, annual pledges, tribute donations, rainbow bridge fund, stock donation, Facebook fundraises, and planned giving.

There are also spots for administrative volunteers, which is one of the ways you can support.

Regardless of whether you love dogs or not, this is an event you do not want to miss. If not for the love of dogs, then for the philanthropic bit of it, and if not for that, then to bond and have some fun.

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