Pure Insurance Championship: A Fun, Family-friendly Tournament Just For You

Do you love golf? Then you might just have found the event for you!

Pebble Beach Golf Links in Monterey, California, is set this year for the Pure Insurance Championship. The five-day event brings over $20 million to the local economy and creates roughly 5,000 jobs throughout Monterey County.

Economic benefits aside, this event is the perfect way to spend time with friends and family, as you enjoy the golf competitions and other activities such as parades, fishing contests, and delicious barb dinner.

You will also get a chance to see some of the best players, the likes of Jeff Sluman, Hale Irwin, Paul Broadhurst, and Kirk Triplett, doing what they do best.

The tournament will begin on Tuesday, September 21, all the way to Sunday, September 26, 2021, giving endless fun for those attending.

As usual, the event will attract some of the most prominent people in Monterey, and this is the chance to rub shoulders with them without attending an exclusive launch party.

 Besides the tournament, the Pebble Beach Golf Links is also rightly famous for its stunning views and immense beauty. If you are a lover of nature, then you will not be disappointed in the scenic views.

This year’s Pure Insurance Championship features several new attractions, which will provide entertaining distractions from your day’s work: interactive virtual reality displays, drone racing competitions, and live entertainment. 

There will also be additional parking nearby, so getting around will be easier than ever before.

Want to experience the best that Monterey has to offer? Hurry and register now for your free ticket! 

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