Butterfly Bazaar & Parade: Magical Sight of Butterflies Floating In The Wind

Ever heard of the Butterfly Bazaar & Parade? It is one of the most fun events usually held in Monterey, Pacific Grove, California. 

This event is a must-see for everybody in and outside Monterey and who loves going to fun activities that show off beautiful butterflies. 

When you go to this parade, you get a front-row seat to see the beautiful monarchs which migrated back from up north after spending the winter months in Mexico.

There are countless fun activities to engage in at this event. You can go to the Butterfly Bazaar, an open market filled with all kinds of different vendors who have some cool items for sale. 

Some of these people sell food while others sell clothes and toys. 

All the money they make from their sales will go to a charity organization that saves butterflies in Mexico. 

You can also attend a parade filled with people riding on floats and various marching bands. The most fun thing about the parade, though, is that you get to see real butterflies flying all around you as they float along in the wind. 

The Butterfly Parade will start at the Robert H. Down School on Pine Avenue, proceed down Fountain Avenue to Lighthouse Avenue, up to 17th Street, and eventually conclude on Pine Avenue. School children are usually the main attenders of the event, dressed in designated attires.

The event will happen on the 1st and 2nd of October 2021, so mark your calendar.

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