Festa Italia: Celebrating The Beauty Of Italian Culture

Are you looking for some fun events to attend this September? How about you join thousands of Americans in the Festa Italia celebration from 10th to 12th September this year.

Festa Italia is a large celebration which celebrates the heritage and culture of Italy. The festival is usually commemorated with lots of fun activities from food and wine pairings for tastings and cooking demonstrations with chefs from Italy, to live music performances, costume competitions and much more.

If you have always wanted to try out some calamari, paninis, pizza, pasta and rice balls made by the real Italian chefs, then this is the best opportunity to do so while also having crazy fun.

A little bit of history about the festival…

The celebration was first organized by members of native Italian families. They decided to host a celebration for their own children as a way to preserve their cultural traditions in an increasingly multicultural society. It became so popular that it was eventually made into an official festival in 1992.

The festival has evolved into a major ceremonial gathering. And this year, people from all over the world will gather for the three days at Custom House Plaza to explore all there is to enjoy about Italy — the full spectrum of its virtues: artful cuisine; mindful winemaking; its rich history and deep traditions of family and celebration…plus our special secret ingredient: You!

If you are a lover of Italian culture or have interest in learning a thing or two about their way of life, then you wouldn’t want to miss this festival.

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